Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the corporation. The Board is composed of six directors, elected and retired in rotation at the annual general meeting, plus the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Algoma (ex-officio). As of March 2017, the Board consists of the following:

  • President: Michael Wolfe
  • Vice-President: Melanie Gottfred
  • Secretary: Jessica MacRae
  • Treasurer: Selina Meakin
  • At Large: Roberta Wolfe, Ellen Teahan, Tanelle Rabachuk, Danielle Reszitnyk, and Danny VanLenthe
  • Ex-Officio: Bishop Anne Germond

Our annual General meeting is normally held during the month of February or March. At this time, the annual reports are presented, elections held, budget approved, and other business as may be necessary.

Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every other month, except July, August and December. Members are welcome at these meetings to provide input for decisions.

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