There are always opportunities to volunteer.

  1. Apply for a volunteer position at one of the camps.
  2. Offer to let your name stand to be your church representative.
  3. Take a position on a standing committee (Nominating, Finance, Property, Program and Personnel)
  4. Lend a helping hand when you can. (such as opening up camp in the spring, or closing the camp in the Fall.

Contact Roberta Wolfe (via gitchigomee@shaw.ca)

Camp Staffing

Note every staff member at camp must supply references and pass a Police Records Check.

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We are looking for a Waterfront Director, Lifeguard and Assistant Cooks. These are paid positions.

Waterfront Director

  1. The National Lifeguard Service’s Award.
    Waterfront preferred.
  2. Standard First Aid and CPR “C” Certificate.
  3. Red Cross Water Safety and LS Society Instructor.
  4. Canoeing experience &/or certification.
  5. Lifeguard experience (minimum of 2 years preferred).
  6. Lifeguard experience (minimum of 2 years preferred).


  1. Current National Lifeguard Service’s Certificate
    (Waterfront preferred)
    or Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross Award.
  2. Current Standard First Aid and CPR “C”
  3. Minimum age 16 years.
  4. Red Cross/LS Instructor Award and
    some canoeing experience preferred.

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