Two Bit Auction Winners 2017

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Summer 2017 is on the way!

As we gear up for Summer 207, we remember last summer:

There was much fun, laughter, games, singing, swimming, canoeing, crafts and much more for about 90 Campers that attended the three camps. We invite you to check out some photos at the galleries section of this website. Once again, we are very thankful for the outstanding staff and volunteers who made the camps happen.

Site improvements included 3 new decks, a new dining hall main beam, propane system upgrades, a new Tuck shop roof, first aid post siding repairs, and lots of painting. We were blessed with free items from Grandview lodge: a commercial fridge/freezer, mattresses, chairs, wardrobes, tables and other items.

The camp also received generous donations of a metal storage shed and an 8.5 KW gen set & transfer switch. Next year, we hope to put steel roofing on one camper cabin, upgrade our wood stoves, and install double doors in the dining hall.

Financially, we expect to be in the black this year, due in part to the two-bit auction held in February, which raised about $5,000; this was used to help pay waterfront and kitchen staff salaries. We also sold our old generator for $1250, and rented the camp on nine occasions, which brought in a gross income of $6176.

Our faithful Auxiliary ladies baked up a storm, and gave the camp a whopping $1608! And our monthly total EOP amount is now $780, for which we are very thankful. TB Anglican churches were also very generous, donating a total of $3700.

Our annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM, at St. Luke’s. You are most welcome to attend and hear about the past year and our plans for 2017. If you would like to receive an annual report, please contact us.

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Ontario Volunteer Awards: May 24, 2016

Ontario Volunteer Awards 2016

Jacob DeVries: Youth
Maranda Dumas: 5 Years
Ashley Hill: 5 Years
Bronwyn Huffman: Youth
Sinead Huffman: Youth
Tyanna McNally: Youth
Danielle Reszitnyk: 5 Years
Ericka Reszitnyk: 5 Years
Robyn Sulkko: Youth

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Winners of Two Bit Auction: Feb. 25, 2016

Winners of Two Bit Auction: Feb. 25, 2016

Basket # Ticket # Winner
1 10 Crystal Pirle
2 311 Linda Pauliuk
3 208 Rose Jardine
4 70 Gail Payette
5 159 Evelyn Krashewsky
6 207 Linda Brooks
7 557 Sheila Dennis
8 530 Ashley
9 352 Patrick Pirle
10 410 Shirley Gerrish
11 570 Susan Currie
12 417 Sheila Dennis
13 555 Ashley Richard
14 464 Irene Legros(?)
15 123 Charlotte Macgillivary
16 7 Elaine Johnson
17 5 Margaret Ager
18 116 Yvonne Nevala
19 360 Nancy Knauff
20 167 Skye Hemphill
21 283 Kathy Lafore
22 123 Kathy Lafore
23 568 Brenda Berringer
24 302 Jackie Bryck
25 54 Beth Everett
26 467 Crystal Drappo
27 567 Sharon Rabachuk
28 269 Ashley Hopkin (?)
29 55 Jacques Menard
30 224 Jamie Lagrange
31 122 Alvena Paul
32 301 K. Sundell
33 104 John Kirchen
34 576 Christie Haggard
35 579 Alvena Paul
36 513 Kathy Lafore
37 513 Sandra Rejall
38 464 Jeo Aleman (?)
39 452 Inga Main
40 274 Irene Teyn (?)

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Oct. 29/11 – 2nd Annual Fall Frolic

@ Work Weekend at Camp July 7-9, 2013

Phone Dave at 622-1300 for more info.

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Jan. 22/11 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon!

You and your family are invited to the Camp Gitchigomee Appreciation Luncheon:

  • Saturday, Jan. 22/11 at Noon
  • St. Michael’s Church, Red River Road

Come out and enjoy lunch with staff and supporters and their families of the camp.

Bring your pictures; wear your camp t-shirts and camp logs to show everyone.

Please RSVP as soon as you get this, so that we can plan the menu.  or call our voice mail at 622-0020.

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New Extensive Photo & Video Galleries!

Be sure to check out our new photo & video galleries! We have many hundreds of photos organized by year and by camp event.

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New Camp Gitchigomee website launched!

With the assistance of several Confederation College Multimedia students, we are pleased to officially launch our new Camp Gitchigomee website on December 6, 2010. We are think you will find our new site to be attractive, intuitive to use, and contain concise, well-organized content. Note some new features such as Comments (on News/Comments pages), Photo & Video Galleries. This new site gives us a great modern foundation upon which we can continue to develop and engage with our campers to a greater degree. We welcome your feedback. Watch for new 2011-specific content to be added in spring, 2011.

We would like to recognize and thank the following students from Confederation College’s Multimedia Program who organized, designed and built this new, content-managed website, which will be easier for us to organize, update and maintain:

1. Mike Nordal – Project Lead (to 1st half of the project)
2. Stephanie Sutton – Design Architect
3. Cesar Villacorta – Systems Architect
4. Murray Metcalf – Information Architect

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Posts vs Pages

Posts are created by the website administrators and differ from Pages in that:

1. Posts are for short-term, impromptu content that tends to be more closely tied to a specific date (like breaking news/announcements).
2. Pages are for your more stable, long-term content that needs to have a fixed, long-term web address (URL).

Currently there is only ONE default category set up for News Posts called “Uncategorized.” Later on you might consider setting up other more specific categories for posts.

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FYI: What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS feed is a option for the end user to have any new announcement (i.e. a “News POST”) to be pushed out to them into their RSS reader software, which is built into everyone’s web browser these days (not a lot of people have probably discovered or used it yet), or it could also be a mobile app on their smart phone. That way they don’t have to keep checking your site for any new announcements, your new announcements just show up (get “pushed out”) in whatever RSS reader software they might be using, along with any other RSS news feeds they might have opted into from other websites they are interested in. The orange symbol (or sometimes blue) is what is commonly used to signify that some content on the page or in the site has the option to be “subscribed to.” Probably not a feature that a lot of people have discovered yet, but for some people who are familiar with it, it can be a convenient way to receive news updates from a number of your favourite sites that use it. So when you go to your new homepage now, you should see the orange (or blue depending on which browser you are using) RSS symbol to the right of your web address (in Firefox or Safari browsers) (In IE 8, the RSS symbol can be found just to the right of your Home button. It lights up orange whenever it detects an RSS feed on the page/website your are viewing), serving to alert you that the page you (or website) you are currently viewing contains an RSS News Feed, which you can subscribe to if you want, by simply clicking on the RSS symbol whenever you see it appearing (or lighting up orange in IE8) in the top area of your browser.

Could be an option for YOUR NEWS and/or USER COMMENTS (which, you approve before they go live to your site.)

Removed the duplicate news feed display (without the RSS option) to save space on the homepage. If you are going to show your posts, you might as well use the one that includes the RSS opt-in feature. There is also the option to control how many posts show up in the window. I also turned on the option to show the date of the post.

If your are using POSTS on your website (in additon to PAGES) then it is no more work to add the RSS option to your POSTS. We just turn it on and it does its thing, with no additional involvement from you.

Here are some examples of some other sites offering an RSS option:

1. CBC homepage (bottom right)
2. Confederation College (bottom right)

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