Camp Activities

You bring your campers out Sunday afternoon and we send them back home by bus on Saturday afternoon.

We offer an all-inclusive rate for …

  • 7 days and 6 nights of accommodations
  • meals and tuck

Fun activities such as…

There are no additional charges at the camp for anything. Partial bursaries are available through any area Anglican Camp, for those that qualify.

Camp Gitchigomee Bursary Form

The camp owes much of its success to the many volunteers that get involved each year.
Check out the many volunteer opportunities

One Response to Camp Activities

  1. sarah-marrie beavis says:

    I loved going to camp every year. this was by far one of the best camps i ever went to. you guys taught me a lot about Faith,Friends,Caring and Sharing. you taught me some of the best lessons that i learnt and still learn today. If it was not for this camp i honestly dont know what i would have done and now that i have a baby boy of my own i can not wait for him to grow up so i can send him to camp for him to learn about this as well. I met some of my best friends at this camp and i talk to them all to this day! i would like to thank all the staff from Camp Gitchigomee for teaching me and being so patient with me through all my “terrible” moments :) your the best

    Love SMB

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