Camp Gitchigomee is available to rent subject to availability and to approval from the camp Board of Directors. Rental agreement documents will need to be completed and signed by a responsible person, prior to occupying the camp. For additional information and to request a copy of our Notes for Renters, please contact our Rental Coordinator, Jim Sutton at 622-6263.


No Power or Water Supplied

COVID-19 Rate: $150 per day or partial day

Base Rate………………………………………………..$200
PLUS  Daily Fee (each full or partial day)…………..$125
Cost for a typical weekend rental:   $200 + $375 (Fri 6 PM to Sun 6 PM = 3 days) = $575

Power and Water Supplied

Base Rate………………………………………………..$450
PLUS Small Generator * Hourly Cost:  $5.00 / hour  (e.g. Fri 6PM to Sun 6PM = 48 hrs X $5.00/hr = $240)
PLUS Large Generator* Hourly Cost:   $9.00 / hour  (e.g. Fri 6PM to Sun 6PM = 48 hrs X $9.00/hr = $432)
PLUS Daily mileage cost for water system Trained Person:   $ 75  OR   Camp Host** daily fee:   $125    

Range of Costs for a typical weekend rental:

            Minimum (small generator, daily mileage fee):  $450 + $240 + (3 X $75) = $915    

            Maximum (large generator, camp host):       $450 + 432 + (3 X $125) = $1207

*Camp Gitchigomee has a small (8.5 KW) generator which is capable of operating of the water system, one fridge and lights in all cabins ONLY. Additional power use with the small generator will result in permanent appliance failure.
For any additional power use – e.g. freezers, heaters, additional fridges, the large (15 KW) generator MUST be used.

**A Camp Host will require one building for accommodation, and therefore not available for renter use. The Camp Host will ensure proper operation of the water system, check the generators daily, generally assist renters in the use of the facilities, and undertake repairs and
maintenance while on site.

***We now also require an advance $200 Cleanup Deposit on all rentals, returnable or applied to the cost of your rental upon satisfactory inspection of the property after use.

NOTE: Where renters provide a trained person to test water and maintain generators, the daily mileage and camp host fees are waived and replaced by a one-time nominal fee of $75.

The camp can accommodate a maximum of 60-70 persons comfortably. Please see our camp layout plan on the Maps Page

Facilities include:

Sleeping Accommodations:
• Three bunkhouses (#’s 3, 5, 9) each with 8 double bunks • Cooks Cabin (#1) has two sides, each with 2 beds/pullout couch
• Thomson Lodge (#2) has two sides, each with 2 beds
• Four Small cabins (#’s 6,7,8,10), each with 2 beds
• First Aid Post (#11) with one bed, plus one infirmary bed
• Directors Cabin (#12) has one double bed, plus a wood stove

Dining Hall/Kitchen
• will seat approximately 60-70 persons
• kitchen with a commercial propane stove, electric freezers & fridges, cooking utensils, dishes
• potable water provided by MOE-inspected water treatment system

• Canoe & Craft Shed (#19) ; 12 canoes, paddles, lifejackets
• Conliffe Hall (Recreation hall & chapel, # 20) has an acorn fireplace
• Long, sandy beach, with adjacent children’s play centre; shallow sandy bay for swimming
• Fire pit surrounded by two shade shelters and a small stage
• Two open fields suitable for land games
• Walking trail around the point

• Biffies (# 4)
• Tool Shed (#14)
• Generator, propane tank and flammable storage (#’s17,16,18)
• Tuck Shop (#13) with fridge & freezer
• Woodshed (bring your own firewood is encouraged)
• Water Quality: Water Quality Report available

Don’t forget to read the Notes For Renters.

Please contact Jim Sutton (622-6263) for further information.