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75th Anniversary Events:

Our 75th Anniversary weekend is booked for the weekend of July 31st-Aug3rd 2020! Stay tuned for a weekend itinerary. The camp will be open for drop in visits until August 6th 2020

Two-Bit Auction

Out annual Two-Bit Auction was held February 22nd at 6:30pm at the West Thunder Community Centre at our annual Two-Bit Auction. Thank you to all who attended, volunteers and donated, it was a fun and successful evening!

Bake Sale

The Women’s Auxilliary put on a bake sale March 29th at the Victoriaville Mall. Thank you to all who donated and volunteered! Many treats were sold and enjoyed to help support the camp!

Work Weekend

On the May long weekend, we will be opening up the camp! 
If you can come out on the May long weekend and give a hand – even for a few hours, it would be greatly appreciated.  Of course, if you wanted to stay all weekend, that would be great too!
If you are coming out, please contact Jim Sutton at 622-6263
Some jobs we need to do:
  1. Put a tarp on the Kitchen roof
  2. Build and install new 22 foot beams for under the Kitchen
  3. Level the floors
  4. Stack the split wood into woodshed
  5. Cut up the beaver-fallen trees behind the archery and split them (with wood splitter); and stack them in the woodshed;
  6. Install the water system if the lake is open and the frost is out of the ground (parts of this may have to wait until June)
  7. Build a third canoe rack
  8. Service the generators, mowers and fire pump
  9. Put the dock in and take the canoes out
  10. Have the canoes and pfd’s inspected
  11. Clean the cabins
  12. Organize Conliffe hall and crafts, cover craft supplies w tarp 
  13. Install the fire pump line
  14. Re-install the fire extinguishers; replace batteries in the smoke detectors and CO detectors; fill in the inspection log sheets
  15. Fix the broken window in one of the small cabins
  16. Re-shingle the maintenance person’s cabin
  17. Level many of the buildings, starting with the Cook’s cabin
  18. Brush along the roadway
  19. For the small gen set, install an outlet to use as a power source for the battery-charging system
  20. Put up the 2 X 4 on the back side of Stewardson roof line.
  21. Put up new clothesline on S side of Stewardson, w angle brackets
  22. Clean the stove
  23. Clean the hot water tank burner
  24. Clean all the fridges
  25. Readjust the new doors
  26. Install closures on new Dining Hall doors