Ongoing operational maintenance ensures safe and comfortable facilities for campers and staff. New or well maintained tools and equipment would be welcomed to keep operational costs down.

Wish List

10 New Vinyl-Covered Mattresses ($250 each)
10 New Paddles ($300)
10 New PFDs ($300)
New Doors for 3 Bunk Cabins ($600 each)
Plywood Flooring and Paint for 3 Bunk Cabins ($900 each)
New Siding for Tool Shed ($1,000)
New Hot Water Tank ($2,000)
Propane Fridge/Freezer ($3,000)
Replacement 15 KW generator in about 2027 ($15,000)

You! – skilled/unskilled helpers who wish to take part in any maintenance project (PRICELESS)

If you would like to donate financially toward the purchase of any of these items or the physical items themselves, please contact: 

Jim Sutton at (807) 622-6263