2019 Camp Opening Tasks to be completed:
1. Build a third canoe rack
2. Service the generators, mowers and fire pump (B. Matson)
3. Take the canoes out and lock up
4. Have the canoes, paddles and pfd’s inspected; repair or replace as necessary
5. Clean the cabins
6. Clean and Organize Conliffe hall
7. Clean Canoe shed and organize craft supplies
8. Re-install the fire extinguishers; replace batteries in the smoke detectors and CO detectors; fill in
the inspection log sheets
9. Fix the broken window in one of the small cabins
10. Level many of the buildings, starting with the Cook’s cabin
11. Brush along the roadway
12. Put up the 2 X 4 on the back side of Stewardson roof line.
13. Put up new clothesline on S side of Stewardson, w angle brackets
14. Clean the stove
15. Clean the exhaust fan and the light covers in the kitchen
16. Clean the hot water tank burner
17. Clean all the fridges
18. Fill up the hand sanitizer dispensers
19. Cut the grass
20. Inspect the chimneys in the Directors cabin and Conliffe Hall (D. van Lenthe)
21. Take unused fridges to proper recycling depot in town

Please contact: Jim Sutton (622-6263) for further information.